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The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC) is currently updating its long range plan to meet the needs of the region to the year 2040.  The regional long range transportation and development plan is the mechanism for connecting the Regional Vision to the region’s official, coordinated implementation program of projects and actions.

Mapping the Future: The Southwestern PA Plan builds upon the Regional Vision developed during the Project Region process.  The Project Region process culminated in adoption of the regional long range plan that includes a development scenario built upon well-defined strategies and 16 policies or goals for the region that touch on a wide range of areas.  They are part of the foundation for Mapping the Future.

Regional Vision Strategies

  • Promote high to medium density development in centers and clusters with a value placed on a mix of uses
  • Target infrastructure improvements within centers and clusters of development and corridors that connect them
  • Emphasize infill development with reinvestment in existing business districts
  • Emphasize brownfield rehabilitation throughout the region
  • Preserve open space
  • Support agriculture in rural areas
  • Emphasize a strong multimodal focus including highways, transit, railways and waterways
  • Emphasize connecting centers and clusters and promoting excellent access to the urban core
  • Promote improved transportation operations
  • Promote improved transportation safety
  • Emphasize upgrading existing water and sewer systems
  • Promote limited water and sewer expansion primarily to historically underserved communities


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