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Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
Two Chatham Center, Suite 500
112 Washington Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: (412) 391-5590
Fax: (412) 391-9160
Email: input@spcregion.org

For more information, please visit http://www.spcregion.org/trans_ppp.asp or contact Abigail Stark at (412) 391-5590 x361 or e-mail mpavlosky@spcregion.org.

Para obtener información adicional visite: http://www.spcregion.org/trans_ppp.asp , o favor de comunicarse con Abigail Stark al (412) 391-5590, extensión 361 o mediante correo electrónico a mpavlosky@spcregion.org.

Pour des renseignements supplémentaires : http://www.spcregion.org/trans_ppp.asp ou veuillez contacter Abigail Stark au (412) 391-5590, poste 361 ou mpavlosky@spcregion.org.

Per informazioni, visitare il sito http://www.spcregion.org/trans_ppp.asp o si prega di contattare Abigail Stark al numero (412) 391-5590, interno 361 o all'indirizzo e-mail mpavlosky@spcregion.org.

Für die zusätzliche Informationen: http://www.spcregion.org/trans_ppp.asp oder dann kontaktieren Sie bitte Abigail Stark unter (412) 391-5590, Nebenstelle 361 oder unter mpavlosky@spcregion.org.

SPC Title VI Notice To Public

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC) hereby gives public notice that it is the policy of the Commission to assure full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987, Executive Order 12898 on Environmental Justice, and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities. Title VI and other related statutes require that no person in the United States of America shall, on the grounds of race, color, sex, national origin, age, or disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity for which SPC receives federal financial assistance. Any person who believes they have been aggrieved by an unlawful discriminatory practice by SPC under Title VI has a right to file a formal complaint with the Commission. Any such complaint must be in writing and filed with SPC’s Title VI Coordinator within one hundred eighty (180) days following the date of the alleged discriminatory occurrence. For more Information, or to obtain a Title VI Discrimination Complaint Form, please download the complaint form in PDF here or call 412-391-5590.

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